Monday, January 9, 2012

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I think a good place to start is The Netherlands. Most of you are probably familiar with Amsterdam and what its known for, but how many of you know about The Netherlands as a country?  After living there for a year I really learned a lot. I promised to keep this blog simple so i'll give you alitttle taste of what makes this country so great.

  What to eat and drink 

Nothing compares to dutch beer.... heineken, amstel,grolsch,take your pick because  nothings better than enjoying one of these on a terrace during the summer     

From old to young , dutch cheese is one of the greatest things this country has to offer. You must eat it. You will thank me once you do. Most people in this country cut it with a kaas schaaf, a special cheese knife i've never used till living here.
This drink made from black currant isnt for everyone. Many dutch people I know drink it, and i also like it. The taste is somewhat strong and fruity. Ive never came across this drink in an american grocery store.

As you can see Vla, a popular dutch pudding dessert, is served is various flavors. Im sure you wouldnt have any trouble finding this in a supermarket in the netherlands.
Its safe to say that most fried food in the netherlands is good. The sausage filled with ketchup and onions is a dutch sausage called a frikandel. The kroket is filled with a meat ragout and the fries are pretty self explanatory. All together it isnt such a healthy meal but it tastes absolutely amazing.  
Indonesian food has a great influence in the netherlands. This here is kip english this is chicken sate often served in peanut sauce. I enjoy eating it with  kroepoek ( light, airy crackers made in different variations, my favorite being made with shrimp)For all of you peanut butter lovers who feel alittle adventurous..i recommend this dish.    
One of my favorite holiday treats oliebollen. Little fried dough balls sometimes made with raisins. They usually are topped off with powdered sugar.

This is something that is pretty unique, hagelslag.. the shot like things americans usually put on icecream. In the netherlands its common to put these on your bread. Its not unusual to have it with breakfast.  

If you want to try something really traditional this covers it. Herring with raw onions is as dutch as it gets. It might be alittle slimy and smell pretty fishy but its something i think every tourist should attempt to eat once. I've eaten these fish several times and and can honestly say after the first time it really isnt so bad.

 If you ever find yourself visiting this country,try the food. Some things you'll like and some things you wont,but thats part of the discovery.

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